Our Philosophy

Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) is a team of talented people working hard each day to make our client’s lives better.  The growth of CTC is designed to support the professional and personal growth of our people.  We believe a happy, healthy workforce is essential to ensuring our clients get the best care possible.

  • Paid on demand counselling for all staff in addition to extended health - We believe we cannot provide mental health care to others unless we take care of ourselves first.


  • Paid “Fee-Only” financial advice for all our staff - We want people to work for CTC because they love it, not because they are financially obliged to.


  • We support regular paid education for all staff - To provide the best care you need the best training.


  • We have team days and retreatsWe believe a good team and culture requires constant work by all of us.


       We run in-house yoga and bootcamps for our staff Good physical health helps us be better                 team members.


  • Our benefits package includes Long Term Disability, Dental and Critical Illness, without any worker contributionsIf one of our team needs help, we want to provide it.

  • We build professional development plans for our team members and we help them implement the planOur people are our greatest resource, and we want them to achieve their dreams.

CTC Company Philosophy

Living Our Values

CTC is made up of people who love the natural world.  We spend our weekends  hiking, mountain biking. skiing, paddling and camping.  We want to ensure we do all we can to protect the beautiful areas that make these activities possible.  All our offices are powered by renewable energy.  This may have a short term financial cost but we know will have a long term positive impact we can be proud of.

History of Creative Therapy

In the summer of 1986 Hilary Drummond started Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) with another occupational therapist.  Hilary began by performing bio-mechanical foot assessments and providing foot orthotics, hand splints and other adaptive devices to clients.  Within months the other therapist left to pursue other opportunities and Hilary started to market to the insurance industry.  Over the next few years Hilary left the other jobs she had at local hospitals and by 1990 was working full time in private practice.  In the early 1990’s Hilary began to do work for lawyers in the form of cost of care reports and functional assessments.  Creative Therapy Consultants continued to grow and develop by providing different programs to a variety of payers in the Okanagan Valley. 


Over the years CTC has contracted and hired a number of therapists, kinesiologists, rehabilitation assistants and office support.  Under Hilary’s guidance it grew to a stable, thriving occupational therapy company that provided excellent service in the Okanagan area.  In 2010 David McInerney joined the team and bought into the company in 2013.  With his enthusiasm and vision the catchment area where service was provided increased to the north, and central areas of BC.  Over the next three years Dave and Hilary worked together to build the company and in 2016 David bought Hilary out.  Nadia Hudon bought into the company in 2020 as it continued to grow and prosper.  Hilary continued to provide mentorship support and active guidance until the end of 2020 when she retired.  Even with the challenge of Covid 19 David and Nadia have increased service provision and provide a supportive environment for clients, therapists and other staff working for CTC.

Hilary Drummond


Hilary Drummond graduated from the University of Alberta in 1978 with a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy. She then worked in a variety of settings in Alberta before moving to the south Okanagan in 1984. In 1986 Hilary started Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) while working part time for the Arthritis Service, Penticton Regional Hospital and The South Okanagan General Hospital. She began performing orthopedic foot and hand consultations and providing clients with splints and orthotics. In the late 1980’s she began doing work for insurance companies and lawyers quitting her other jobs by 1990.


Over the next thirty years Hilary devoted herself to her professional career; volunteering for a number of professional boards and associations, she was invited on the inaugural college for Occupational Therapists in BC and developed programs for the insurance companies she provided services for. Over this time, CTC fluctuated between two full time therapists and up to ten full time therapists depending on the demands. Hilary was successful in getting new contracts while always keeping to her vision of providing excellent Occupational Therapy services in the south Okanagan Valley.


CTC is the longest standing occupational therapy practice in BC that is still owned and operated by occupational therapists. Hilary and David McInerney became partners in 2012 and Dave then bought Hilary out of the practice in 2016 when she took on a mentor role for CTC therapists. In 2020 she retired after working as an occupational therapist for 43 years.


We believe that financial rewards are a bi-product of providing great client care and getting great client results.  We meet regularly as a team, with the goal of improving the care our clients receive and the service our funders get.  Financial outcomes are not how our company measures its success.  We hope to be an example of how private business can be a force for good in our health care system


-David McInerney - Owner

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