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We are Creative Therapy Consultants, and our mission is to provide expert, tailor-made, and individualized healthcare solutions to all our clients.

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Our Philosophy

Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) is a team of talented people working hard each day to make our clients' lives better.

The growth of CTC is designed to support the professional and personal growth of our people.

We believe a happy, healthy workforce is essential to ensuring our clients get the best care possible.

Our Culture

Lifelong Learning


Flexible Hours

Clinical Support

Supportive Team


We are Creative Therapy Consultants, and our mission is to provide expert, tailor-made, and individualized health care solutions to all our clients.

 We are passionate about engaging in our communities, expanding our knowledge and supporting the career goals of our team members.  

Diversity & Inclusivity

To continue delivering the highest caliber of services, we need a workforce that is representative of our clients. We encourage people from all backgrounds to join our team. Creative Therapy Consultants ensures our hiring process is fair and accessible.  We are always happy to provide accommodations to those with diverse abilities during the interview process and throughout their career with us.


At Creative Therapy Consultants, we also understand the importance of having an age-diverse workforce and celebrate the different strengths and perspectives that each team member, from young professionals to more experienced workers, brings. 

Grad Program and External Scholarship

Learn more about how we support new grads and aspiring OTs

Recent graduates in select in-demand occupations can have their B.C. student loans forgiven by agreeing to work at publicly-funded facilities in underserved communities in B.C., or working with children in occupations where there is an identified shortage in B.C.   
Click on the link to learn about the Loan Forgiveness program

Are you curious about switching jobs or a new graduate wondering what life working for CTC would be like?
Check out the journey of three CTC employees

Team Member Benefits




Paid on-demand counselling

We believe we cannot provide mental health care to others unless we take care of ourselves first.

Paid “Fee-Only” financial advice

We want people to work for CTC because they love it, not because they are financially obliged to.

We support regular paid education

To provide the best care you need the best training.

We have team days and all-company retreats

We believe a good team and culture requires constant work by all of us.

We run in-house yoga and bootcamps

Good physical health helps us be better team members.

Our employee benefits package includes Long Term Disability, Dental and Critical Illness, without any worker contributions 

If one of our team needs help, we want to provide it.

We build personal and professional development plans for our team members and we help them implement the plan

Our people are our greatest resource, and we want them to achieve their dreams.

Download a copy of our full Company Philosophy 

Building Better Communities

Regardless of your position, or title, we encourage our employees to do great things both inside and outside of the office. From not-for-profit, employee volunteering, we provide funding to causes that are important to our employees. We always invest with purpose, embracing creativity, passion, and innovation, while positively impacting our communities and the world around us.

LW Employer
Current Openings

Current Openings

We are currently hiring across
British Columbia!

Have Questions???  Download the employment brochure 


Nanaimo and Prince George

Occupational Therapists

Kamloops, Prince George, Quesnel, Terrace, Smithers, and Williams Lake

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Kids Creative Therapy, Kamloops and Kelowna

Registered Clinical Counsellor


If you have any questions regarding our job openings and would like to get in touch, please contact us at

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