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Our experts share their knowledge and insights to keep you up to date with the latest news, tips and tricks in Occupational Health Care. 

Empowering Through BC ESOP: The Unique Approach of Creative Therapy Consultants

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Creative Therapy Team


In the BC healthcare landscape, Creative Therapy Consultants Kelowna stands out as a pioneering force. Rather than conforming to conventional structures, we've embraced innovation and inclusivity, distinguishing ourselves as one of the only registered BC ESOP (Employee Share Ownership Plan) companies in healthcare. Our company is owned by over 30 team members!


A Different Path Forward


Our journey began with a commitment to provide better healthcare services, prioritizing creativity, empathy, and personalized care. But what truly sets us apart is our dedication to employee financial wellness and shared success. Through our ESOP structure, every team member has a stake in our achievements, empowering them to excel in their roles while reaping the rewards of their contributions. Our company doesn’t bring in “businesspeople” for advice, we send our own health care leaders to universities like UBC and McGill to fine tune their business skills.  This investment ensures that our focus around delivering great healthcare is never diminished.


The Benefits of Ownership

Research indicates that employee-owned companies tend to perform better across various metrics. By fostering a sense of ownership and accountability, these companies cultivate a culture of innovation, loyalty, and strategic thinking. At Creative Therapy Consultants, we've seen firsthand the positive impact of employee ownership. Our team members are not just employees; they're partners in our journey, driving us forward with their passion, dedication, and unique insights.


Looking Ahead

As we chart our course for the future, we remain optimistic about the possibilities. Our commitment to creativity, innovation, and employee ownership will continue to guide us as we navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape. Together, we'll redefine therapy services and set new standards for organizational success and employee empowerment. Our team of admin professionals, occupational therapists, rehabilitation assistants, kinesiologists, counsellors and psychologists are our company’s greatest asset.  That is a story that isn’t told on a balance sheet or income statement.    Join us as we create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


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