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SHIFT Pain Management Program

Toolbox of pain management and mental health self-regulation strategies


Return to
work/return to activity

Delivery model designed to ensure post-program sustainability

Solutions built around your specific needs.

The SHIFT Pain Management Program is a comprehensive, evidence-based interactive-series designed to create measurable improvements in both function and pain to maximize quality of life. The SHIFT program is delivered online through a secure video-conferencing platform in a small-group format (max 6 participants), twice weekly over 8-weeks.


Participants will receive a resource manual, technology to support videoconferencing, and ongoing individualized support. They will be guided in creating personalized functional goals and practicing proven and effective pain management strategies.


Sessions are co-facilitated by two Occupational Therapists, Kristi Moyls and Kirsten Ali, with expertise in pain management and rehabilitation science. Kristi has worked predominantly with clients with serious and persistent mental illness, as well as with clients who require in-home and community care. Kirsten has worked in private practice assisting those recovering from various illnesses and injuries and takes a holistic and client-centered approach to providing care. Kristi and Kirsten share a vision to inspire their clients to live their best lives and to empower them in their journeys to well-being.

The SHIFT program is designed for:

  • People experiencing chronic and persistent pain including:

    • Soft Tissue Injuries

    • Whiplash

    • Repetitive Strain Injuries

    • Post Concussion Syndrome

    • Complex regional pain syndrome

    • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • People who would like to increase their daily functioning

  • People who would like to learn how to self-manage their pain symptoms

  • People who are motivated to return to work, leisure, or homemaking activities but pain is a persistent barrier

  • People who are suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of their pain

The SHIFT Program covers the following topics: 

  • Addressing flare-ups

  • Building and nurturing supportive social connections

  • Communicating with healthcare providers

  • Making informed healthcare decisions

  • Managing anxiety, depression and low mood

  • Movement education

  • Motivation and healthy habit building

  • Navigating the rehabilitation pathway

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Nutrition and medication management

  • Pain science and education

  • Personalized functional goal setting

  • Planning and pacing

  • Sleep hygiene strategies

  • Understanding lifestyle factors and their connection with pain

Contact us to learn more about the SHIFT Pain Management Program.

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