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Our Occupational Therapists Nadia HudonWendi Wright, Greg HallidayMike Slack and Pascale Cormier provide a variety of Medical-Legal and Non-Medical Legal Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) and Cost of Future Care (CFC) assessment services in Penticton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Prince George, Terrace and other rural regions, including Northern British Columbia and the Kootenays. Active in their field, Nadia, Wendi, Greg, Mike and Pascale practice clinical and community Occupational Therapy. Nadia, Mike and Wendi have provided a number of court testimonies and have been designated as Expert Witnesses in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in the areas of Occupational Therapy, Functional Capacity Evaluations and Cost of Future Care Assessments.

Our FCE/CFC Assessment Team:

  • Is highly trained and experienced

  • Provides customised, detailed and usable reports

  • Ensures timely service, with expedited options available

  • Works with compassion and professionalism

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our assessors Nadia and Wendi have obtained industry-standard Matheson training and provide thorough physical and cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations. Assessments are customised to each individual, based on referral questions and the client’s unique circumstances. Each evaluation is guided by peer-reviewed research protocols and clinical knowledge. 

Cost of Future Care Assessments

Our Cost of Future Care Assessments, also known as Life Care Plans, provide comprehensive, defensible, detailed and reasonable recommendations. Our assessors work collaboratively with medical experts and allied health care professionals to provide medically and clinically informed recommendations. Our assessors are committed to lifelong learning and participate in regular education in this field to ensure the most up-to-date methods for evaluation are used.

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