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Our workplace services are designed for employers who are invested in the health and well-being of their workers. 


Creative Therapy's Occupational Therapists, Counsellors, and Kinesiologists  provide customised personal programs and company-wide initiatives which have been shown to reduce disability-related business costs in various industries including health care, forestry, construction, manufacturing, hospitality and technology. 

Each Creative Therapy clinician is engaged in ongoing professional development to ensure they are providing the best care to each client. 


Read more about our clinicians and their recent education achievements.

Benefits of using our services:

  • Reduced costs

  • More durable outcomes

  • Healthier workforce, which leads to improved retention and recruitment

  • Reduced absenteeism

Return to Work Planning

Our experienced team creates individualised plans to help workers return to gainful employment. We collaborate with the worker, employer, and funder to ensure all stakeholders are included in the Return to Work (RTW) planning process. Utilising in-person and virtual telehealth platforms, our team excels in providing physical conditioning programs, creating work simulation tasks and using mental health self-management tools for successful transition back to work.

Job Demands Analysis

Our Occupational Therapists are able to visit the workplace or complete virtual visits and interviews, in order to perform in-depth analysis of the physical and cognitive demands of a job, as well as workplace environment. A comprehensive report is provided to assist with matching an employee’s abilities to a job – or may be used to assist workplaces with increasing productivity and decreasing injury risk.


Our goal is to provide immediate and sustainable workstation recommendations to reduce repetitive strains and overuse injuries. Our Occupational Therapists educate employees about body mechanics and static positioning, so they understand how their body interacts with their workspace.

Ask us about the following services we offer in-person or virtually:

  • Individual Ergonomic Assessments

  • Group Lunch and Learn Education Sessions

  • Virtual Ergonomic Assessments (offered for office or home-office environments)

Read more about Home Office Ergonomics here.

Injury Prevention

Creative Therapy Consultants work collaboratively with employers and workers to identify concerns unique to their workplace and develop customised solutions. The most frequently addressed challenges we witness include repetitive sprains and strains, soft tissue injuries and back/neck problems. Contact us about our in-person or virtual assessments.

Pre-Employment Screening Assessments 

Creative Therapy partners with various businesses and organisations to offer Pre-Employment Screening Assessments which assist in determining the suitability of job candidates. Pre-employment screening assessments also provide a baseline measure of the worker’s abilities, in the event a worker experiences an injury or disability after they have been hired.  Alcohol and drug screenings – in addition to cognitive/psychological evaluations – are also available.

"All I have to say is that my therapist and your company treated me awesome, she helped me out with my back to work program, and she was always there if I needed to talk to her. I can't say enough good things about Kristin Peters or your company!" – Client

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