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Val Day

Occupational Therapist


Valerie has a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in both public and private practice, and has been a member of the Creative Therapy team since 2015. Previously she worked in the field of microbiology and immunology for four years studying cancer, influenza and similar illnesses. Although she loves science and analytics, her passion for working with people and helping others inspired her career change to the rewarding field of healthcare. She has experience in both rural and urban communities, in facility and private settings. Valerie is passionate about her clients and strives to compassionately support them on their road to recovery.



Areas of Service:

Kelowna, Vernon and surrounding areas

Recent Professional Development:

  • 2023 Intervention Strategies for Adults with ADHD in Occupational Therapy,  CAOT 

  • 2022 Mental Health, Functional Cognition and Return to Work: The Critical Role of Occupational Therapists in Facilitating Successful Outcomes, CAOT

  • 2021 Trauma and The Sensory System

  • 2020 Home Modifications: Foundations for Practice

  • 2020 Cognitive Assistive Technology: Who and How

  • 2020 Suicide Prevention: Building a Safety Plan

  • 2020 Adult Powered Wheelchair Skills Training Evidence to Practice

  • 2020 Standard First Aid and CPR 

  • 2020 Bringing Together Life and Ongoing Rehabilitation After Traumatic Brain Injury

  • 2020 Return-to-Work Case Management

  • 2020 Maximum Reference Breathing

  • 2020 Freeing Emotional Blocks to Movement

  • 2020 The Language of Coaching

  • 2020 Exposure therapy and Relaxation Skills Training

  • 2019 Functional Capacity Evaluations and Return to Work with Mental Health Conditions

  • 2019 Concussion Course – Part 2

  • 2019 Wheelchair Seating

  • 2018 Psychological and Cognitive Factors with Functional Capacity Evaluations and Return to Work

  • 2018 Preventing Pressure Injuries – Wound Management

  • 2018 Wheelchair Seating Assessment: The Mat Assessment

  • 2018 Cognitive Rehab Strategies: Home Exercises, Individual and Group Therapy

  • 2018 Optimizing Coping and Stress Management Skills for Patients and Caregivers

  • 2018 Functional Assessment and Clinical Decision Making

  • 2018 One Handed Strategies for Home Management Tasks

  • 2018 Neuropsychology of Aging

  • 2018 Stopping Falls: Environmental Conditions

  • 2017 Motivational Interviewing

  • 2016 Exposure Therapy by Randy Patterson

  • 2016 Dynamic Pain Management

  • 2015 Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

  • 2015 The Anxiety Toolkit

  • 2015 It’s Your Move – Injury Prevention

  • 2014 Multi-Context Approach to Cognitive Rehabilitation

  • 2014 Compression Therapy for Wound Management

  • 2014 Aging in Place

  • 2014 Train the Trainer – It’s Your Move: Client Safe Handling 

  • 2014 Understanding Sleep and its Relationship to Health

  • 2014 Advance Care Planning Goals of Care Designation

  • 2014 Case Management Five-Day Training Session for Caseload Management

  • 2013 Neuroscience Applications to Treatment of Executive Function Disorders

  • 2013 Occupational Therapy and Dementia Care 

  • 2013 Mobility Plus Wheelchair Cushion Fittingcourse

  • 2013 Managing Moisture Associated Skin Damage

  •  2013 It’s More than Four Wheels – Wheelchair Seating and Mobility

  • 2012 Seating for Individuals with Physical Disability

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