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Mental Health

Whether symptoms are mild or severe, the Creative Therapy Team uses gold standard treatment methods to reduce the impact mental health challenges can have on daily life. We partner with individuals – in their homes, community settings or virtually – to teach skills that help them engage more meaningfully in all aspects of their lives.

Aspects of our mental health services:

  • Respectful support

  • Innovative approach

  • Effective strategies to utilise in the return to activities of daily life

Anxiety/Depression/PTSD Treatment

Creative Therapy clinicians consider the unique circumstances of the individuals we work with and create comprehensive rehabilitation plans collaboratively. Our assessments and treatment plans are designed for in-person or telehealth platform formats in order to meet clients in the setting of their choice. Our goal is not only to treat symptoms, but to help individuals strengthen their resilience and create a toolbox of effective mental health strategies.

Activation Programming

Creative Therapy clinicians take an active approach to improving home, work and community participation. Our team of counsellors, psychologists, occupational therapists and kinesiologists work collaboratively to provide a holistic approach to addressing mental health symptoms. We work together with individuals to build regular and structured activities into a routine that supports reintegration into their work, home and community responsibilities.

Exposure Therapy

Our Therapists use Exposure Therapy to assist individuals recovering from traumatic experiences; this stepwise approach is informed by the extensive training our clinicians have received in the field of Exposure Therapy and involves teaching individuals the skills needed to manage distressing situations and overcome barriers to participation in everyday life.

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