Career Construction Program

Achieving sustainable employment 

Increasing skills and confidence to find employment

Gaining experience through employment interventions such as an unpaid work experience

The Career Construction Program is a 12-week comprehensive series of services designed to guide participants through the entire return-to-work process. The program can be delivered in-person at our Kelowna office location or online via zoom. 

Participants will receive a program manual, useful resources, and ongoing individualized support. Each session will involve an educational training component as well as opportunities for practical experience.   
Sessions are facilitated by a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP), MacKenzie Verhelst, with expertise in all aspects of employment and extensive knowledge of the current labor market. MacKenzie has experience assisting individuals with a wide range of disabilities engage with the workforce in meaningful and sustainable roles.


Career Exploration

Conducting an initial interview and administering vocational assessments with the goal of creating an individualized plan to find sustainable employment

Job Skills Training

Providing information and training on soft and hard skills that increase employability and setting up short-term certifications tailored toward target fields

Resume and Cover Letter Building

Creating and/or updating the client’s resume and cover letter for their current job search as well as establishing an online presence through platforms like LinkedIn

Interview Training

Discussing commonly asked interview questions, advising on best practices, and conducting mock interviews to increase comfortability and confidence

Job Search Support

Teaching clients how to effectively apply and marketing clients to various employers in the community for pre-existing or customized positions

Unpaid Work Experience

Offered to those who have been out of work for a long time or have little work experience in the field so that they may gain experience and practice skills before beginning paid employment

Job Sustainment Services

Reviewing employment contracts for inaccuracies, assisting with negotiations if requested, and checking in once the position has begun to ensure sustainability


Individuals who:

  • Cannot return to their previous career
  • Do not know what career path to pursue next
  • Do not have the tools to achieve the career they want
  • Are return-to-work ready
  • Have an internal motivation to re-enter the workforce

Ready to reconstruct your future? Contact us for more information on the program and how to register!