Vocational Rehabilitation


Whether you are re-entering the workforce or simply searching for a more fulfilling career path, our Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluator (CCVE(P)) can help you identify and explore suitable career options based on your specific needs.  


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"The consultant was excellent at creating an open space for me to speak. Some of the tests in the vocational section might have made me panicked, she did a great job of keeping a judgment-free zone. Having the whole working world in front of you to navigate is extremely stressful and for me can feel like a big black pit of uncertainty. MacKenzie killed it!" – Client

Benefits of Employment:

  • Working gives us a sense of pride, identity, and personal achievement

  • Having a stable job allows us to socialize and find support

  • A job provides financial and health benefits allowing freedom to pursue other interests

  • Work keeps us busy, challenges us, and pushes us to develop ourselves

  • Our physical and mental health is generally improved through work, leading to quicker recovery from sickness and less risk of long-term illness and incapacity

  • Returning to work after a period of unemployment results in significant physical and mental health improvements, reversing the negative health effects of unemployment

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