Mike Slack


Mike completed his Master of Occupational Therapy degree at the University of British Columbia and completed his practicum experience in a variety of areas, including community health, return to work, acute care and forensics. He has a diverse background, including experience with pain management and personal training/coaching; he looks forward to bringing these experiences into his practice. Mike moved to Northern BC to work with Creative Therapy Consultants and he is enjoys assisting his clients, while exploring beautiful Northern British Columbia.



Areas of Service:

Penticton and surrounding areas

Recent Professional Development:

  • 2020 Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

  • 2020 Anxiety Interventions: Assertiveness, Relaxation and Exposure Therapy

  • 2020 OT and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • 2020 Ongoing Rehabilitation After Traumatic Brain Injury

  • 2019 Fundamentals of Seating & Posture

  • 2019 Foundations of Eating & Swallowing

  • 2019 Motivational Interviewing & Change-Talk

  • 2019 Screening & Intervention Tools for Adults with Sleep Difficulties