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Hilary Drummond graduated from the University of Alberta in 1978 with a B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy. She then worked in a variety of settings in Alberta before moving to the south Okanagan in 1984. In 1986 Hilary started Creative Therapy Consultants (CTC) while working part time for the Arthritis Service, Penticton Regional Hospital and The South Okanagan General Hospital. She began performing orthopedic foot and hand consultations and providing clients with splints and orthotics. In the late 1980’s she began doing work for insurance companies and lawyers quitting her other jobs by 1990. Over the next thirty years Hilary devoted herself to her professional career; volunteering for a number of professional boards and associations, she was invited on the inaugural college for Occupational Therapists in BC and developed programs for the insurance companies she provided services for. Over this time, CTC fluctuated between two full time therapists and up to ten full time therapists depending on the demands. Hilary was successful in getting new contracts while always keeping to her vision of providing excellent Occupational Therapy services in the south Okanagan Valley. CTC is the longest standing occupational therapy practice in BC that is still owned and operated by occupational therapists. Hilary and David McInerney became partners in 2012 and Dave then bought Hilary out of the practice in 2016 when she took on a mentor role for CTC therapists. In 2020 she retired after working as an occupational therapist for 43 years.



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