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Psychological Health and Safety at Work

Updated: Mar 3

psychological health and employee retention
Psychological health at work

In 2020, Creative Therapy Consultants embraced The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, taking a leadership role by completing the Guarding Minds at Work Assessment annually. As a healthcare provider, we recognize the impact our actions can have on making positive change in society. We also understand that for our employees to effectively provide mental health support to our clients, they must first feel supported in their own workplace.

Our proactive approach is underlined by a dedicated Mental Health Committee, fostering regular communication on mental health topics within our team and leading new initiatives. We've implemented mental health first aid training for all employees and offer comprehensive (100% paid) health benefits with increased mental health allowances. Additionally, we've integrated the following initiatives:

🎓 Unlimited Professional Development: Providing abundant opportunities for growth

🧘 Physical Well-being: Offering complimentary yoga and boot camps

🤝 Employee Ownership: Cultivating a strong sense of belonging and shared benefit.

⚖️ Flexible Leave Options: Unlimited unpaid leave for maintaining work-life balance

💔 Bereavement leave options: Supporting our team when they need it. With significant leave options.

🌱 Career and Personal Growth Coaching Program: Every team member can have their own unique funded career plan.

💵 Fee-for-service financial planning: We want our employees to be financially healthy and have a retirement plan that allows dignity later in life.

Identifying a gap in our approach, despite the existence of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and extended health benefits, some employees were still not accessing support when needed. To address this, we began to purchase Registered Clinical Counselling appointments each week regardless of use, guaranteeing timely access for all employees. Although challenging to quantify its impact, over the last 4 years less than 5 employees (out of 100) have left our company. This includes during COVID. The average rate of employee turnover is 15% annually.

Recognizing that financial constraints may limit this approach for some businesses, we offer expedited access to our counselling services for our partner businesses. This program includes:

🚀 Preferred Access: Quick, priority access within 5 business days

💲 10% Discount: Extended to all employees and family members of our partner businesses

As a business owner, I consistently inquire about the commitment of our own business partners to mental wellness and psychological safety within their own workplaces. This, I believe, serves as a reliable indicator of the quality of services they provide us. If interested please reach out or visit


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