Homemaking Assessment

Over the years, therapists working for Creative Therapy Consultants have been asked to identify the percentage of home making tasks that clients can do. Due to the definitions used by some insurance companies it was necessary to state that an individual could do more or less than 50% of the home making tasks that they were required to perform. In order to be able to be as objective as possible about this, CTC founder, Hilary Drummond, developed a home making assessment that divided different tasks into light, medium or heavy and then graded the individuals abilities depending on what tasks they were actually able to perform. This assessment was used for many years and then after a conversation with UBC professor, Dr. Susan Forwell, it was decided that proving the reliability and validity of this test would be a great project for a Masters of Occupational Therapy Student. The documents provided here include the assessment, the protocol to perform the assessment as well as the results of the research study. All occupational therapists are welcome to download and use these documents as long as original credits are retained.

CTC Homemaking Assessment Guide

CTC Homemaking Manuscript